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Refill Kit for Activity Zone - Mini

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Freshen up your bunnies well loved Activity Zone with the toys and sisal in this refill kit.  Refill kit can be used to replace all the toys and sisal parts of an Mini Activity Zone.  Or use it to fill your own Activity Zone Blank.


Directions for refilling the sisal curtain:

- Remove old sisal and discard
- Tie a knot on one far end of the new sisal piece
- Pull the sisal through the hole in the Activity Zone so that the knot is on the inside
- Unwind the sisal into three distinct pieces
- Take one of those pieces and tie a knot real close to the hole
- Repeat with each piece you want to replace

This should keep your sisal tightly in place so your bunny can chew, tug, and generally have a grand ole time.

1.10 LBS