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Activity Zone Rabbit Toys - XL

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$79.97 (You save $10.00)
12.10 LBS

Product Description

The XL Activity Zone is one of our best selling Toys!  Your bunny will play on top of it, hide under, and play with all the toys.  Can be put in your bunnies enclosure or kept in the living room as "bunny furniture"!

Great for rabbits up to 20 lbs!

Approx 15" wide, 20" long, 15" high



Your rabbits safety is very important to us!  All Timali Pet Rabbit Toys are made from safe, non toxic materials.  For more information about materials we use, check out our FAQ Page.



"Our 6-month old bunny LOVES this activity center. She jumps on it, runs under it, nibbles at it and hops around it and uses her nose to make the toys swing. Not sure who is more entertained, our family or JoJo! Most importantly, we keep it in the middle of the living room and she has not gone near the Christmas tree or any other of her former chew favorites (the sofa, wires, etc.). "
- Mary-Margaret Stepanian via Amazon
"Worried my bunny was bored while I was at work all day and having exhausted my attempts to wow him with the lame rabbit toys pet stores offer, I bought the activity zone. My bunny and I couldn't be more pleased! The best part about the activity zone would be that it is clearly stimulating his mind/energy level. Another plus is he does not seem interested in chewing anything else. Pet stores only offer toys that support the idea rabbits are for a cage in the corner of your house. It is refreshing to have finally found an adorably crafted rabbit toy promoting the fact that pet rabbits are smart/lively creatures who deserve to have their interests stimulated and individual potential recognized just like a cat or dog. Highly recommend this product! If it was able to impress a ten year old "set in my ways" bunny man, then it can excite any rabbit."
- Katie J via Amazon



This video of Lola shows her playing with an Original Activity Zone, not an XL

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Product Reviews For:

Activity Zone Rabbit Toys - XL

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  1. Well made

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2017

    I debated for a long time whether to get my 2 rabbits the Large or XL Activity Zone. I finally settled on the XL because they both love to be under things and this way they would both fit (they are medium-sized rabbits). The toy is beautifully made. Very sturdy.
    My rabbits didn't warm up to it the way I thought they would but they do like it. They sit under it, run under it and love chewing the sisal. Sometimes they nudge the other toys around. They have yet to get on top of it. They don't play with it as much as I thought they would but then again, who knows what goes on at night when I am in bed. :) I have no regrets getting this toy. I might try adding some bells to it since their Crazy Toss n Bells toy is still their absolute favorite.

  2. my Flemmish Giant and my cat love it

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2017

    It is so well made, my Flemmish Giant loves it, and so does my cat. It is super sturdy, and definitely holds up to all their shananagins . I am sure this will be the first of many we order.

  3. love at first chew

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2016

    This replaced an unsightly cardboard box in the living room as our buns lounging area and chew spot, he loved the ropes the moment we set it down and spends oodles of time sprawled underneath it and it looks so much better than the ugly box, 23 give him treats on the top level too for fun.

  4. Flemish Giant Rabbits LOVE it.

    Posted by Laurie on 12th Nov 2016

    At Elmwood Park Zoo,the XL Activity Zone is perfect for our big 20 pound bunnies. They attack the toys, hide under it and play in it constantly. I am so glad you brought this size back. It is really well constructed.

  5. my bunny and foster bunnies love it...would recommend the natural one

    Posted by Sarah on 1st Jan 2016

    I do rescue with Bunny Rescue-Nashville. I have one Californian Rabbit that I rescued and 2 foster bunnies( a New Zealand White and a Rhinelander-Dwarf mix.) The Rhinelander doesn't even notice the activity zone but the other 2 bunnies love it but I have to add treats to it to get them interested in it. I just wish I would have gotten the natural one because the colors bleed when the bunnies really get into chewing and the dye gets all over their fur and mouths. I often put dry treats in the rope fibers and in between the wood chews and it drives them crazy. If i didn't do that I don't know how interested they would be in it. My Californian exhausts herself trying to find the treats in all the hanging ropes and chews. A tired bunny is a happy bunny :)

  6. Exceeded my expectations!

    Posted by Snappy on 18th Dec 2015

    I've been looking at the Activity Zone online for a while but hesitated to buy it due to the price and not being sure whether or not my bunnies would like it. I'm so glad I went ahead and purchased it - it is incredibly well-built and both bunnies love it (although they approach it in different manners; one views it as a fort to hide under and hop on top of while the other attacks all the toys!). This is a super high-quality product and I'm already considering buying another so I don't have to carry it from room to room!

  7. Better than anything you can find in the store!

    Posted by Roseanna on 21st May 2015

    VERY well made, colorful and fun for the bunnies! They love it!!

  8. LOVE IT!!!!

    Posted by Kristi on 22nd May 2014

    I absolutely LOVE this toy! It was larger than I imagined which was great. My bunnies can go under and play easily. My cats also seem interested in it. :-) I am so happy to have found a company that knows what bunnies want and make it out of bunny safe products.

  9. Rescue Bunnies Love it!

    Posted by Kind Heart Rescue on 17th Jan 2014

    I do rabbit rescue and all the bunnies just love this! They can chew on it, pull on the hanging things, jump on and hide under it. Just love it!

  10. Bigger than we thought!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2014

    We thought with two bunnies we should get the largest. Wow, it was so much bigger than we pictured, but the bunnies love to sit under it and cuddle or to run through and play

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