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Activity Zone Rabbit Toy - Original - Natural

8.25 LBS

Product Description

The Natural Original Activity Zone is one of our best selling Toys!  Your bunny will play on top of it, hide under, and play with all the toys.  Can be put in your bunnies enclosure or kept in the living room as "bunny furniture"!

Great for rabbits up to 8 lbs!

Approx 12" wide, 16" deep, 11" high

Your rabbits safety is very important to us!  All Timali Pet Rabbit Toys are made from safe, non toxic materials.  For more information about materials we use, check out our FAQ Page.


"Our 6-month old bunny LOVES this activity center. She jumps on it, runs under it, nibbles at it and hops around it and uses her nose to make the toys swing. Not sure who is more entertained, our family or JoJo! Most importantly, we keep it in the middle of the living room and she has not gone near the Christmas tree or any other of her former chew favorites (the sofa, wires, etc.). "
- Mary-Margaret Stepanian via Amazon


"Worried my bunny was bored while I was at work all day and having exhausted my attempts to wow him with the lame rabbit toys pet stores offer, I bought the activity zone. My bunny and I couldn't be more pleased! The best part about the activity zone would be that it is clearly stimulating his mind/energy level. Another plus is he does not seem interested in chewing anything else. Pet stores only offer toys that support the idea rabbits are for a cage in the corner of your house. It is refreshing to have finally found an adorably crafted rabbit toy promoting the fact that pet rabbits are smart/lively creatures who deserve to have their interests stimulated and individual potential recognized just like a cat or dog. Highly recommend this product! If it was able to impress a ten year old "set in my ways" bunny man, then it can excite any rabbit."
- Katie J via Amazon







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Product Reviews For:

Activity Zone Rabbit Toy - Original - Natural

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  1. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2017

    My bunny loves this toy ! He loves running in and out of it, chews on everything. Definitely recommend this for anyone who has a small animal!!

  2. My 1 year old Holland Lop loves it!!!

    Posted by Kaylin on 30th Nov 2016

    My bun has never really payed much attention to toys I've gotten for him in the past, so I was a little worried he would ignore this- but he loves it! He will chew on it, run through it, jump on and off of it or just sit on it and chill. It's a great toy, looks great anywhere in the house and is exactly as picture. I'm beyond happy that I purchased this for him!

  3. Happy Rabbits, Happy Bunny-Mom!

    Posted by Candice Lynn on 17th Nov 2016

    This was my second Activity Zone purchase. I bought the first in 2014 for Joy and Felix as their Christmas present. But Felix died suddenly of a stroke or seizure just after Thanksgiving and never got a chance to play with it. Shortly after I got Flash and he went right for it. Joy then took an interest: she likes to chew on the sisal and some of the hanging pieces. Flash likes to run through it to make everything swing, chews on the legs and the hanging blocks and he really loves sitting under it. They both want to sit under it now. But Flash is a New Zealand Black and Joy is a small Dutch mix. They don't fit under it together, so I bought the second one this year so they would both have one to sit under. I think it's the best toy ever!

  4. Great Toy

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2016

    4-month old holland lop loves to run around/over/on top of the activity zone!!!

  5. Amazing toy

    Posted by Carol on 11th Oct 2015

    My bunny just loves this! At first, I thought he just liked to hide under it. The dangling rope permits him to hide. However, I now see him chewing on the rope and the wooden toys. He just loves it. He even like to rub his head against the rope and feel it against his face.

  6. happy Bunny

    Posted by Bunny's "grandma" on 29th Dec 2014

    Miss Bunny is happy with her new Activity Zone. She enjoys sitting under it and watching whatever is going on nearby. And the Natural version of the toy appeals to her "mommy".

  7. Happy Rabbit...,mine sure is!

    Posted by Candice Lynn on 28th Nov 2014

    I ordered the Activity Center as a Christmas gift for Joy (8 - female) and Felix (5 - male) and was waiting to give it to them until we reconfigured their play area. Unfortunately, Felix had a seizure & passed away a couple of days after we received the package. It was a shock to us, but most of all to Joy. To keep her spirits up until we can find her another partner (it will be her 4th - quite the black widow!), I put the Activity Center out. She went right for it and spent a long time checking it out, playing with the sisal, making the toys swing. I can't thank you enough for making this toy available. We''ve had Joy longer than any bunny (and we've had many) and were worried she would be despondent after losing Felix. Activity Center rules!

  8. Love it

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2014

    Our rabbits (2 lbs and 6 lbs) absolutely love the activity center. It's been great for keeping their attention away from the furniture. My only complaint is that our center has a wooden cutout of Ohio, and we live in Wisconsin. Go Badgers :)

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