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Rabbit Toy Scavenger Hunt - May 2018

30th Apr 2018



Greetings Bunny Lover!

Ok, we are doing something kind of
fun and cool and you can get 50% off
our Crazy Jingle Toy too!

Welcome to our "50% off Rabbit Toy Scavenger Hunt"!

Here's the deal.

As many of you know we sell
our totally awesome rabbit
toys on Amazon as well as our
website. Since we normally
have our sales on our website,
we thought we'd shake it up a
bit and have a little fun with a
scavenger hunt
on Amazon!

The Scavenger Hunt Rules:

1. Go to

2. Search "Rabbit Toys" in the Amazon search bar
and select "Pet Supplies" for the category. Shown here:

3. Find our "Crazy Jingle Tossing Rabbit Toy"
listing (currently it's on page 12 but it
moves all the time!) Here is a pic we use in the listing:

4. Add 2 or more Crazy Jingles to your shopping cart

5. Check out using Code: T5Q5FVPB

When you apply the code you will
receive 50% off EVERY Crazy Jingle Toy
that is in your cart!

You MUST buy at least 2 in order for
the discount to kick in but it will work even if you buy 10!

What can you do with two Crazy Jingle Toys?

Give one to your rabbit, save the other for later!

Give one to your rabbit, give one as a present to a Rabbit Friend!

Give two to your rabbit, after all, he IS spoiled :)

Give one to each of your bunnies, because I know you have more than one anyhow!

Give one to your rabbit and give one to a Rabbit Rescue group!

Give ALL the toys to a Rabbit Rescue group!

The possibilities are endless!

A few points of order. This scavenger
hunt is "live" until Friday night or until
supplies run out. Whichever occurs first.

Be sure to go on over to Amazon right
away so you don't miss out!

Also, the coupon will only work when
you buy two or more Crazy Jingles at
the same time, you can't buy two and
then go back later and add a third for
50% off. If you want 3 at 50% off, you
have to get them at the same time.




Until next time,
Have Fun and
Love Your Buns!

Ali Thompson

P.S. Remember, if we get a ton of orders we will run out of stock and the
scavenger hunt will be over. Don't wait, go to Amazon now!