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Rabbit Toy Donation Drive - March 2018




Help Your Favorite Rabbit Rescue Group
in Their Greatest Time of Need! 

AND Earn a Gift for You and Help Your Favorite Rescue Win a Prize!

Easter is almost upon us and unfortunately this holiday can spell doom for baby bunnies all across the country.  Impulse buys and a misunderstanding of how to take care of a rabbit will cause thousands of rabbits to be given away, surrendered to rescues, or even dumped in the coming months.

Rabbit rescues will be stepping up and taking care of all the babies that will be in critical need of care.  We would like to support these rescues by holding a HUGE Rabbit Toy Donation Drive.  And in typical Happy Rabbit Toy fashion, we are going to be doing it with big giveaways!

First of all, why a rabbit toy donation drive?  Here are 3 things rescues can do with the toys they are sent to improve the lives of rabbits in their care:

1 - Give the toys to the bunnies in their care!  Of course most rescues use most of the toys they receive to keep the bunnies busy.  Playing is a great way to help rescue buns relieve stress and cut loose a bit :)

2 - Share toys with other groups or individuals in need!  Most rescues are closely aligned with other rescues that need help.  Extra toys can be shared with these higher need groups.

3 - Sell the toys for fundraisers!  Extra toys can be sold at events or auctioned off to raise funds for the rescue groups.  This allows rescues to convert the toys they do not immediately need into cash to buy what they need most!

Ok, now onto the details of the Rabbit Toy Donation Drive

First, choose a Rabbit Toy Donation pack at this link:  http://www.happyrabbittoys.com/donate-toys-to-a-re... from now until end of the day Friday, March 23rd

We will MATCH every donation pack purchased!  For example, a $50 pack would send 17 toys to a rescue but instead we will match that donation and send 34!

During this drive we commit to, not only match toy for toy, but we'll include 5 additional toys with each pack ordered!


Now, here is where it gets fun!

Help win an Activity Zone for your favorite rescue group!  

At the end of our toy drive we will be tallying up donations for each organization.  The top three groups that get the most support and have the most toy donations purchased for them will win one of three Activity Zones!

1st Prize - XL Activity Zone

2nd Prize - Original Activity Zone

3rd Prize - Mini Activity Zone!

Rescue Groups:  Share this Toy Drive to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and send an Email!  The more donations you get, the greater chance you have to win one of our Activity Zones!

All donations will be bundled together and sent to the receiving organizations during the week after the drive along with any notes you would like to send to the rescue.


Donate $100 worth of toys or more, we'll send YOU a gift to thank you for your support! 
AND all orders over $100 ship for Free in the US!

Click here to send a rescue donation to your favorite rescue now  http://www.happyrabbittoys.com/donate-toys-to-a-re...








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