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Sisal Carpet Chewing and Digging Station

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Does your rabbit like to dig and chew on carpet?  Many rabbit owners are frustrated with their rabbits carpet distruction but at the same time realize that their rabbit is only following natural instinct.

We have created this amazing box that has tied sisal tied through it so your bunny can chew, pull, dig and and destroy with out getting in trouble!  Also the pine frame allows for massive amounts of chewing, leaving your furniture home free.

Plus you and your bunny can play games of hiding treats inside the "sisal carpet" and your bun will have to go in and manuveur around the sisal to get the goodies.  Similar to new dog toys that force a dog to eat more slowly, one piece at a time, this could really help with rabbits that tend to bolt their pellets (for those rabbits that are still on pellets).


Measures 16" long x 11" wide x 2" high



Your rabbit's safety is very important to us!  All Timali Pet Rabbit Toys are made from safe, non toxic materials.  For more information about materials we use, check out our FAQ Page.


4.20 LBS
16.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
11.00 (in)