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Sisal Carpet Chewing and Digging Station

4.20 LBS

Product Description

Does your rabbit like to dig and chew on carpet?  Many rabbit owners are frustrated with their rabbits carpet distruction but at the same time realize that their rabbit is only following natural instinct.

We have created this amazing box that has tied sisal tied through it so your bunny can chew, pull, dig and and destroy with out getting in trouble!  Also the pine frame allows for massive amounts of chewing, leaving your furniture home free.

Plus you and your bunny can play games of hiding treats inside the "sisal carpet" and your bun will have to go in and manuveur around the sisal to get the goodies.  Similar to new dog toys that force a dog to eat more slowly, one piece at a time, this could really help with rabbits that tend to bolt their pellets (for those rabbits that are still on pellets).


Measures 16" long x 11" wide x 2" high



Your rabbit's safety is very important to us!  All Timali Pet Rabbit Toys are made from safe, non toxic materials.  For more information about materials we use, check out our FAQ Page.


Product Reviews For:

Sisal Carpet Chewing and Digging Station

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  1. better way to play

    Posted by vicki on 29th Sep 2017

    At first i had the same experience..my bunnies pee'd on it. So I put it thru the dishwasher to get the urine smell completely off, and the next time i tied it to the wall of their pen with zip ties. Much better, they chew and tug and pull on it and they can't pee or poo on it, and you can put parsley sprigs and cilantro or dandelion amongst the rope fir them to munch.

  2. Great product.

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2017

    My rabbit chews and plays for hours. Would recommend this item.

  3. high quality, but both bunnies only use it to poop and pee on

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2016

    When i first got this. One of my dwarf bunnies spent hours chewing on the strings. She loved it! But unfortunate within a day or two it was covered in poop and pee. I kept recleaning it and spraying vinegar as needed to no avail. I finally gave it to my other holland lop dwarf and well... the same thing happened. High quality though as always and may be a hit or miss

  4. well made product

    Posted by Iris on 19th Oct 2016

    My bunny is a digger & chewer but unfortunately she has no interest in this toy. It is well made & I was hoping this would be to her liking. My male bunny will occasionally chew on the sisal but he's not terribly interested either. It's always a gamble with toys as you don't know if they'll like it until you get it!

  5. Rabbit loves it !

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2015

    Our rabbit love this toy. He spend lots of time playing with it every day.

  6. chew toy mat

    Posted by Lisa on 11th Jun 2015

    My rabbits love chewing on this. They leave my stuff alone now.

  7. Good for chewing, not much digging

    Posted by Kaitlyn on 2nd Jul 2014

    Our rabbits really like when we put some of their pellets on the sisal carpet. They root around for the food and chew on the edges of the wooden base. Neither has shown must interest in digging though.

  8. Good in theory!

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2013

    I was soo exciting when this arrived for my bunnies- they dig at the carpet all the time and this was finally going to be my solution! Unfortunately,
    the only thing they wanted to do with the digging station was to pee and poop on it. I'm bummed they didn't take to it like I had hoped. Still an amazing product though!! Built very well and great quality!

  9. Finally a solution!

    Posted by Nancy, adoption coordinator, Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue on 25th Nov 2013

    Ziggy chews carpet, rugs, blankets like crazy. He has a multitude of other more appropriate chew toys, but the digging/chewing of the carpet has always been his favorite pastime. This was an instant fix. He LOVES it!! I was hopeful, but skeptical, considering everything else we've tried has failed. Thank you SO MUCH for this toy. It's perfect.

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